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About Accommodation Assist

Accommodation Assist began offering one-call Concierge Services in 1981. Prior to 1981, each out-of-area visitor received an extensive list of local hotels from the Clinic; but it was up to the individual to contact each hotel and determine availability, rates and features. Now, patients and visitors are referred to our office either in advance of their visit, or at the time of their visit (for unexpected stays), for help finding the best lodging options in the local area.

Last year Accommodation Assist helped 2000 patients, visitors and their families to find and immediately confirm suitable lodging while away from home for medical care. Our representatives reserved more than 6000 room nights at full-service, limited-service and suite hotels in the local area.

Accommodation Assist representatives have extensive local area knowledge; they have visited the hotels and are aware of the unique medical requirements which accompany some stays. Special requests such as room location, handicap access, and early check-ins or late check-outs are the norm rather than the exception. Accommodation Assist's management team works on behalf of all medical facility patients and visitors to secure favorable rates, amenities and hotel management responsiveness.

Accommodation Assist is the only one-call source in New England to recommend, distinguish and reserve medically discounted rooms. Our representatives will present you or a family member with a range of preferred lodging, transportation and local area service options. We will then use our computer-aided reservation system to search availability, confirm a reservation and note special requests instantaneously.

Accommodation Assist and its representatives provide:

  • a wide range of site-inspected accommodation options
  • negotiated room rates discounted up to 50%
  • guaranteed room availability
  • a range of discounted transportation options
  • information on local area services including dining, shopping and entertainement
  • immediate verbal or e-mailed confirmation

There is no fee for our service, our resources, or our experience. So, visit our reservation page or contact us by phone. Our representatives are available to answer your questions, alleviate your concerns and secure your chosen lodging. Rest assured, we're familiar with the area and its offerings as well as the medical nature of your stay.

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